Tennis Elbow Pain Causes

Tennis Elbow is the condition of the elbow where you experience debilitating pain because of the inflammation of the muscles and the tendons that are attached to the bones of the elbow on the outside of the elbow joint. Activities that require repetitive movements of the elbow, wrist and arm are attributed to the causes of Tennis Elbow.
What Dr Niraj Vora, a specialist in Elbow Pain Symptoms and Treatment opines is that, the dominant arm is affected most of the times when you develop a tennis elbow, but can occur in both the arms or the one which is not dominant. If you notice any or more of these symptoms, you might as well consult an orthopedic who will suggest you the best methods of treatment for tennis elbow.
• Pain on the outside of the elbow joint, which at sometimes may be tender on touching.
• Worsening of the pain when you try to move your wrist or squeeze something with your affected arm.
• You do not feel the strength when gripping any object
Sports persons are the most affected by tennis elbow which is one of the most Common Elbow Injuries in Sports which are sustained during any sporting activity which involves turning the arms and wrist at frequent intervals. You can also develop this condition if your profession or daily activities demand moving your arms and wrists. Common Reasons for the Pain in Elbow and Treatment options on how to cure tennis elbow pain quickly can be obtained if you consult the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Mumbai like dr niraj vora. You can get valuable advice on how to get Quick Pain Relief for Tennis Elbow, which may include exercises of the arm and restricting the movement of the hand which can put stress on the elbow joint. You can also apply ice packs several times during the day on the affected area to get relief from the pain. Using counterforce brace can help you to minimize the stress on the tendons and the muscles joining the bones of the elbow from outside.
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