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Types of Knee Replacement Surgeries and Treatment

Now-a-days, knee replacement surgeries are increasing rapidly. There are several surgical methods depending on the severity and condition of the knee. Below are the four main types and its advantages. Total Knee Replacement: As the name itself says, it is resurfacing the entire damaged knees and relay on the patients muscles and ligaments for support. […]

What type of exercises are best for people with knee problems?

Knee problem is a common body ailment which if diagnosed properly can be addressed in an effective way which includes invasive and non invasive methods. Dr Niraj Vora, an eminent surgeon specialized in treatment for knee problems explains some simple exercises for bad knees which are proven to give results. Motion exercises Motion exercise is […]

Dr Niraj Vora: Life After Hip Surgery

Hip replacement Surgery is a process that can renovate joint mobility and function in patients with major joint disease. Even though a total joint replacement cannot make you an athlete or allow you to do more than you could before the surgery, the goal is to return to comfortable and enjoyable activities of daily life. […]