Stages of Recovery After Knee Replacement

Whether it is a total knee replacement or partial knee replacement, recovery time from the surgery is essential. The only matter would be that the recovery period may depend on many factors such as type of replacement performed, impact of physiotherapy exercises, intake of oral medications or pain killers and many other factors.

If the osteoarthritis impact upon you is severe, where the medications, exercise and other treatments won’t work, Knee replacement can be a preferred option for increased mobility and pain relief.

Initial Recovery

Generally, the doctor or the nurses assist you in standing up with the replaced knee within 24 hours post surgery. Slowly, in the post-operative section itself, you will be encouraged to walk with the help of frame or crutches. Some people may recover faster and they would only need the help of a frame for the first week post surgery. It can also vary according to the individual. Initially, it would be difficult to walk and exercise due to the wound and the swelling. After a few physiotherapy sessions, the doctor would advise you to return home for completing recovery period.

Getting back on your feet

 You may not be in a normal position once you are sent home. You may naturally feel weak as you have completed a surgery successfully. With the help or assistance of someone close to you, you can fulfil your daily tasks and activities. Make sure to follow the doctor’s advice by having medicine on time and by doing exercises as suggested by your doctor or physiotherapist.

Follow up with the doctor is also essential. The doctor would ask you to visit the hospital for checking if the recovery is progressing as assumed by the doctor.

Back to normal

 Around six weeks post surgery; you can stop using crutches or taking help of your caretaker for support. However, it may take around three months or so to recover from the pain and swelling. The new knee will recover or become fully functional by two years post surgery. The scar tissues and muscle would heal through exercise.

Your doctor may recommend you to avoid vigorous sports or activities after knee replacement to avoid extreme movements or risk of falling.

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