Things to Know About Hip Replacement

The entire procedure of total hip arthroplasty minimally invasive is a crucial one, and you need to be acquainted with pre and post-surgical means. Reliable doctors are happy to help you with not just the surgical procedure, but some important tips to follow. Get acquainted with drnirajvora first and start looking for the tips, right […]

What Type of Exercises are Best for People with Arthritis Problems?

With growing age, it becomes difficult to keep that young body intact. Your bones will start to get cramped and you will feel pain, mostly in your joint areas. These are some previous signs of arthritis, for which doctor’s advice is a must. Reliable doctors like drnirajvora will be able to help you and understand […]

Types of Bone Fractures and Their Treatments

Fracture can be defined as a broken bone, which can either be completely fractured or partially fractured in various manners, and those are lengthwise, crosswise and even in multiple pieces. Depending on types of bone fractures and treatment, the prices of these surgical methods are likely to vary a lot. Bones are considered to be […]

Exercise, Physical Therapy May Help Ease Pain of Arthritis

Arthritis is a disorder that afflicts the bone joints of the body as you grow older. The age of sixty and above is the period of your life when you may have this problem of osteoarthritis. The joints become stiff and moving them becomes painful. The result is that your movements become lesser and lesser. […]

How Can People Prevent Hip Problems – Dr.NirajVora

1. Begin your day by working out. Getting your blood loading and relaxing the joints can create whatever remains of your day substantially less unbearable. This is an especially decent factor to do on the off chance that you have combined swelling. Begin your day by enacting your waist with an extension work out. You […]

Dr Niraj Vora : Alternatives to Knee Replacement Surgery

Now knee replacement is a common surgery and there is a plethora of knee replacement surgery options, but this is not the only way for your knee improvement and you can try out some alternatives to knee replacement surgery also. Some tips and suggestions as an alternative of knee replacement: • Lose your weight: It […]

Dr Niraj Vora : Knee Replacement Surgeries Rising with Obesity Rates

There are several reasons to have knee replacement surgery, the primary among which constitute excessive weight gain problems. The medical researches conducted by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons have pointed out how obesity is related to the major ailments concerning joints, knee caps, and knee muscles. Statistical analysis show that between 1993 to 2009, […]

Dr Niraj Vora – Valuable Tips for Early Recovery after Knee Replacement Surgery

Dr. Niraj Vora, best orthopedic specialist in Mumbai provides valuable tips which are indispensable for patients having the will power to recover early after knee replacement surgery. He says “it is the time when family members may be the most needed to help in early recovery through proper rehabilitation schedule during the post operative period […]

Dr Niraj Vora – How to Manage Pain And Stay Healthy

We all know that any type of joint pain, like pain in the knees, or in the hip joints, is really unbearable. The best joint replacement specialist and the most trustworthy and experienced Hip replacement surgeon, just like Dr. Niraj Vora can advise the patients about the following necessary steps which can readily reduce their […]

Blood Transfusions during Joint Replacement: Some Facts and Features

Earlier, people used to get scared when they heard about blood transfusions during joint replacements, but now, with advanced medical techniques both joint replacement, and blood transfusion have become a hassle-free process. However, all the details can only be provided by a renowned and experienced surgeon. Autologous Transfusion of Blood: A Reliable Method This is […]