Ms Heidi Von Diergardt – Bilateral Knee Replacement | Dr Niraj Vora Reviews

Dr. Vora should not only be famed for his competence as a surgeon but also for possessing the patience of a saint. After considering all of my options I contacted Dr. Vora about knee replacement surgery in July of 2016. Dr. Vora kindly responded after seeing x-rays and assured me that he could help. As many Westerners will appreciate, when you tell friends & family that you are considering traveling to India for a medical procedure, you are often met with disbelief. After much thought and soul-searching (all over the course of a year,) I finally decided to make the journey to Bombay and check things out in person.

Immediately upon arriving in India, I was met by other tourists who were there for medical procedures of myriad kinds. All had suggestions about who and where I should see and go, but I stuck to my original plan and scheduled a visit with Dr. Niraj Vora. From our very first encounter this he put me at ease, not with some well-rehearsed sales pitch, but with genuine concern and a sincere professionalism. After a tour of the facility where the surgery was to happen I decided that I would have a double knee replacement.

On the day I arrived in hospital I was met with only kindness and assurances that I would be well cared for. The surgery went to plan and my post-surgical care was like a dream come true. The environment was one of utter calm and tranquility, and the staff was attentive to my every need and concern. Fortunately, there were no complications and I was on my feet and walking the very next day. I was seen by Dr. Vora and his staff daily which was both reassuring and confidence-building and went on to a remarkable and speedy recovery. My family was amazed to see me dancing ten days after the procedure, on the day my stitches were removed.

My time in India was one I shall never forget. My experience with Dr. Niraj Vora and his staff was truly life-changing. Not only has my mobility been fully restored but my faith that a surgeon and his staff can treat their patients with true professionalism & kindness that foster positive outcomes. I shall be always grateful to Dr. Vora and will always think of him as I ride my bike around my little neighborhood in Toronto.

Ms Heidi Von Diergardt