Exercises For Hip Pain by Dr. Niraj Vora

Debilitating pain in the hip joints due to various health conditions can affect the body movements severely and prevent you from carrying out your normal activities with ease. Exercises can help provide relief from hip pain, but according to Dr. Niraj Vora, the Best Hip Surgeon in Mumbai, not all exercises are recommended, whether you are doing them to get relief from pain or during the period of rehabilitation after Hip Arthroplasty.

Leading Hip Surgeons In India recommend some exercises that are amazing and provide excellent results for getting relief from the debilitating pain and also for early recovery after Hip Replacement. Appropriate exercises, according to the Best Hip Replacement Surgeon can help to improve the body balance, strengthen the hip muscles, improve stability of the hip joints and also sometimes to prevent hip surgery. These exercises include water workouts, walking, yoga, stationary cycling, flexibility fitness and resistance training. Here are some exercises for hip strengthening and stretches that can help to alleviate the pain in the hip joints.

While the Bound Ankle Pose can help to relax and open the groin and the inner thighs, the Cow Face Pose can be rewarding to enhance the flexibility of the hip and the thigh muscles, says Dr. Niraj Vora, an expert in hip joint replacement surgery india. Other exercises that are recommended include the Goddess Pose which will help to open up the hips and Happy Baby for loosening the muscles and inner groin and also for realigning the spine. The Garland Pose can help to increase the fluidity of the hips, to strengthen the core muscles and to stretch the lower back, knees and the ankles. There are also exercises for resistance training which you can do at the gym, as recommended by eminent surgeons in Hip Replacement Surgery Mumbai. These include Quadriceps Sqeeze, Hamstring Squeeze and the Squats. There are exercises that you can do at home that are aimed at enhancing the flexibility of the hip flexor muscles, and include the Standing Iliotibial Band Stretch, Knee to Chest, Hip Abduction, Supine Hamstring Stretch and the Seated Rotation Stretch. While doing these exercises you should consult an orthopedic surgeon and preferably perform them for the first time under the supervision of a physical instructor.