Exercise, Physical Therapy May Help Ease Pain of Arthritis

Arthritis is a disorder that afflicts the bone joints of the body as you grow older. The age of sixty and above is the period of your life when you may have this problem of osteoarthritis. The joints become stiff and moving them becomes painful. The result is that your movements become lesser and lesser. The urge not to avoid the pain is the vicious circle that you have to break to get out of this condition. It is because the less you move the more severe becomes the affliction.

Consulting a doctor

Consulting orthopaedic surgeons in Mumbai will help you to understand the problem better. The knees, elbows and the hips are the most affected areas, and these are the joints that you have to use every moment in your daily activities. Osteoarthritis in the hips can make you completely immobile and cause immense suffering as you try to carry out the most minimum jobs every day. The knees are the next areas that can cause a good amount of immobility. Comparatively, osteoarthritis in the elbows or other joints will not impose that much of restrictions on your movements but your capacity to work may get hampered.

Ways to get rid of the problem

As any orthopaedic specialist in India will suggest, physical exercise can relieve a lot of pain and help you to overcome the problem to a large extent. If you think that you have enough pain already, and do not want to increase it anymore, then you are sadly mistaken. Medication alone cannot solve the problem. It may reduce the pain somewhat, but it will not make it less painful if you move suddenly. Physical exercise and therapy along with medication has to be combined to get better results. The physical exercises will bring back the strength in your muscles and bones. These exercises may be motion exercise, aerobic exercises or exercises with weights. Your doctor is the best person to suggest which type of exercise will suit you.

Hip and knee replacement

If everything fails, then you have to resort to surgical procedures to get rid of the problem. You can consult the best hip replacement consultants Mumbai to solve the problem with your hips. If you have a problem with your knees, then you can take the advantage of knee replacement surgery benefits to bring back the strength in your legs. When you undergo these surgical procedures, be prepared to allow some time for the recovery process to complete as it is not instantaneous.