Geeta Raj Express Her Gratitude – Dr Niraj Vora Review

I’m Geeta Raj, and I am a resident of Canada. around 4 years back I developed a pain in my knees. I got operated at Sunridges, where I found the entire staff to be very supportive and helpful. I started walking with a stick in 24 hours, after my surgery, and was discharged in 3 […]

Types of Bone Fractures and Their Treatments

Fracture can be defined as a broken bone, which can either be completely fractured or partially fractured in various manners, and those are lengthwise, crosswise and even in multiple pieces. Depending on types of bone fractures and treatment, the prices of these surgical methods are likely to vary a lot. Bones are considered to be […]

Dr Niraj Vora – How to Manage Pain And Stay Healthy

We all know that any type of joint pain, like pain in the knees, or in the hip joints, is really unbearable. The best joint replacement specialist and the most trustworthy and experienced Hip replacement surgeon, just like Dr. Niraj Vora can advise the patients about the following necessary steps which can readily reduce their […]

100 Likes for Dr Niraj Vora Facebook Page

People Like Dr Niraj Vora on Facebook Below are the wondrous feedbacks received from Hiral Patel & Shabnam Sabah Tarannum on official Dr Niraj Vora’s Facebook page.  Hiral Patel October 30 at 2:44pm · ·         Hearty congratulations Dr Niraj 🙂 The information you are providing is helping many of us n the same time I […]

Orthopaedic Surgeon in Mumbai – Best Hip and Knee Replacement Specelist in India

Dr Niraj Vora is an Orthopaedic Surgeon in Mumbai, India, with broad understanding and approach in total replacement surgeries. He is Hip & Knee Surgeon & Consultant who has been extensively trained in the UK. Dr Niraj Vora is an experienced Joint Replacement Surgeon and a gold medallist in Orthopaedics from the University of Mumbai. […]