Knee Replacement Specialist in Mumbai

Stages of Recovery After Knee Replacement

Whether it is a total knee replacement or partial knee replacement, recovery time from the surgery is essential. The only matter would be that the recovery period may depend on many factors such as type of replacement performed, impact of physiotherapy exercises, intake of oral medications or pain killers and many other factors. If the […]

Healthy eating to prevent and fight against Osteoarthritis

When you make a proper plan to undertake your Osteoarthritis, don’t forget the power of food which is eaten by you. There’s no such kind of particular diet that treats your osteoarthritis problem, but you can get some good health benefits if you eat properly and smartly. You’ll keep your weight controlled, build physically powerful […]

Activities to Recover from Hip Replacement

Most of the older communities have gone through hip replacement surgery and are now looking for hip replacement recovery practice. This procedure helps in alleviating pain, and increases the mobility of patient.  People, after reaching their 60 age bracket, must opt for Hip Replacement Treatment from experts in this section. However, this is a known […]

What Type of Exercises are Best for People with Arthritis Problems?

With growing age, it becomes difficult to keep that young body intact. Your bones will start to get cramped and you will feel pain, mostly in your joint areas. These are some previous signs of arthritis, for which doctor’s advice is a must. Reliable doctors like drnirajvora will be able to help you and understand […]

Dr Niraj Vora : Alternatives to Knee Replacement Surgery

Now knee replacement is a common surgery and there is a plethora of knee replacement surgery options, but this is not the only way for your knee improvement and you can try out some alternatives to knee replacement surgery also. Some tips and suggestions as an alternative of knee replacement: • Lose your weight: It […]